The Real Secrets to Smart Small Business Advertising

Small business advertising seems to change in some important way almost every week. As the economy remains tight, making smart choices about advertising becomes increasingly important. The rate of technological change, and the increasing affordability of electronic devices, continually alters the advertising landscape.

Smart small business advertising must weigh in the balance a number of considerations before locking into a plan. These include:

  • The struggle of print media to remain viable
  • The continuing popularity and importance of social media
  • The proliferation of new communication devices
  • The equally rapid proliferation of new ways of communicating with these devices
  • The growing importance of video
  • The shift from such traditional standards as the Yellow Pages to online search

These are only a few of the changes businesses must learn to deal with when planning marketing and sales efforts. At the very least, smart small business advertising today must include far more than traditional advertising, even if the ads are moved from print to electronic media.

What is Smart for Small Businesses Advertising Today?

In the digital age, smart small businesses’ advertising must invest the time in understanding the advertising and marketing channels available today. Even more important, they must learn what makes these new channels different, how they are used differently, and which channels are most likely to reach their target customers. Then they must make choices and decisions about how to use each channel most effectively and most cost-efficiently to meet their goals. These are the critical tasks in smart advertising.

The flat space ads used in newspapers and magazines will attract only limited attention online unless it is very special. Today’s ads need to move and speak and interact with potential customers. Even a banner ad on a website really needs to do more than just sit there. Small business advertising has changed in important and far-reaching ways.

Smart small business advertising must also note that a website must also be more than a three or four page brochure. Every page must be designed and written to grab the attention of the visitor in as little as 1.5 seconds, or that visitor is gone. Every page has a job to do. Moving people from page to page until they are asked to make a decision is what converts a visitor into a sales lead.

If you operate a brick-and-mortar store, you have the opportunity to take advantage of some very exciting small business advertising tactics to get people into your store, but you must figure out not only the right message and the right offer, but also the right medium, the right device and the platform used by that device. You need to be ready to use location-based email and on-the-spot coupons and special offers delivered by text message when someone is outside your store or in a place where your beverage is served.

What is smart for small business advertising today is discovering the right mix of lead generation tactics, the right amount of advertising, the right focus on providing information and benefits your target market wants, and keeping everything within the budget. When you find the people who can do each of those things for you will be ready to construct a viable advertising campaign.

The Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses

Social media marketing (SMM) and networking is a new wave of socializing, keeping up with friends, meeting new people, and developing new business contacts, and it all happens online. The networking takes place in the clouds over the Internet and allows people from halfway around the world to be at the same place at the same time.

For example, most people have been exposed to Facebook or Twitter in some way or other. This type of networking brings businesses and consumers together in a way that allows for timely, nearly instant responses and reactions that in the past would have taken days.

The world of today is about the fast flow of information one can put out and receive, and how quickly that can be accomplished and using social medias to network affords this opportunity for businesses big or small.

Everyone knows and recognizes the big brand names like Pepsi, Virgin, or L’Oreal for a number of reasons but the most apparent is that we see them all the time in magazines, billboards, commercials… anywhere they can attach their logo. Why? How? Extremely large budgets. This is not something most small businesses have. Therefore, they have to think smarter – not harder.

This is where the social networks come into play. The main reason is that it is essentially virtually free exposure.

The 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, now in its third year of publication, surveyed more than 3,300 business marketers, of which nearly half were of the category of self-employed or small business. The results showed that during the three years of the report’s existence, using social medias for marketing purposes has gone from a niche idea to ‘we need to get on the bus’ to ‘this is the only marketing one needs.’ Now if I may backtrack slightly, one must understand that the variety of small businesses out there range from freight to personal care to international funding groups, so there’s quite a distance from A to Z. This in turn provides a way for the small businesses not only to generate exposure for their brand but to also stand out to a defined consumer base.

What social media networking and marketing has allowed small businesses to do is to put them out into the market with the “Big Boys” and be competitive on an equal playing field and succeed sometimes simply by tweeting something to the effect of, ‘hey, we are at First and Main…See you there.’

Another key factor to the success of this type of marketing and networking is the amount of time (quality time) spent cultivating an online presence, which can markedly improve brand awareness and organic ranking results. The 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report states that 58% of marketers are using social media for six hours or more each week and that an experienced social media user (three years or more of experience) spends upwards of ten hours devoted to social media marketing.

The same report goes on to note that those who spent at a minimum of six hours per week working the social media scene saw double the amount leads versus those who spend five hours or less. While certainly there are circumstances under which less time spent may concede equal or better results, nevertheless a commitment of six hours per week produces far better results.

The main and most important goals of social media networking is to increase the businesses exposure, more importantly increase brand awareness, and also increase web traffic and generate more (high quality) leads and conversions. The benefit of social networking is that it can allow small businesses to carve themselves out a piece of the proverbial action where they may not have been able to do so via traditional marketing methods. This is why it is worth the effort to invest in social media marketing, however small or large the effort one puts forth.

In fact, nearly two out of every three marketers surveyed from the 2011 Report indicated an increase in their search engine placement from their time spent on social marketing, which in this internet world is where all businesses what to be… first page of the search engines, top of the food chain.

How To Leverage Yourself As a Small Business Owner

So you are thinking about getting into the speaking business and you have been talking to a lot of people (especially the ones who don’t have any experience)and they have shared with you crazy stories and myths which are now making you unsure about going into it full force.

Well, let me rest your mind. There are 3 myths that you need to know that will help you on your venture in speaking. First off you can use speaking in anything. It could be sharing information about your product at a convention, a teleseminar, or you could be a key-note speaker at a conference. All of them are useful and can help you build your small business. Speaking will help you separate yourself from your competition because you leverage yourself as the expert and leading authority with speaking, people get to know you and trust you. And when people trust you they will buy from you.

A lot of people think that you need to be elegant when you talk! This is not true at all. Talk the way you talk or let it come out the way that it needs to come out. You don’t have to have this wonderful English ancient voice to speak, you can talk the way you always do, as long as you are giving out the good information that can help better the person’s life listening. By giving good information people will sub-consciously want to know more about you and your small business.

Usually you might get that one person that will say that you need credentials. Ha-ha I have to laugh! You don’t need to have credentials!!! You know your product and or service(at least you should) and no one can tell you about your small business and what you can do for others better than you can. You created it so the credential thing needs to be thrown out the window. You are the expert.

Last but not least and the most important thing that people might do is trying to become something that they are not. If you don’t remember anything else that I have written on this page please remember… BE YOURSELF WHEN YOU SPEAK TO AN AUDIENCE, you were sent here to solve a problem. The prospects and or people who you are to help with your small business, want to hear from you because of you. Every business owner is called to help a group of people so be yourself they will find you. And by being yourself you can never go wrong.

If you follow these tips they will help you in your journey of speaking so get rid of all the crazy myths and thoughts that people might have said or things that you might have heard. Be yourself, know your product and or service and what it does, deliver the information to the people who are asking for it and you will be fine. You can’t help but to be successful.

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